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Distinguished service with innovative technology

NSM building whats possible in Dallas

More Than A Team

At Hotfix we're family. Our organization looks to develop bonds, not only the bonds within our organization but the bonds formed with our partners. We know one of the most important things that any organization can do is foster a culture of commitment. It's a rare form of business where everyone involved legitimately cares about the success of all parties involved.

That is the kind of commitment we want to see not only in our organizations but the organizations we partner with. Because like family it is important to support each other no matter what may come.

Our humble beginnings...

Our team is a microcosm of the talents found in the digital services field. It is our combined decades of knowledge of technology that drives us forward, this is why we at Hotfix Solutions know we can make a difference. We share a passion for Information Technology. It's more than a hobby, it is something that we practice our day to day. We keep update on the world of information technology so you don't have too.  

We keep our ear to the ground for what's coming next. From developing methods and practices to thinking outside the box of what's possible, our group is constantly advancing forward. What's next? What can be done with this new method? how can we use this to push a business forward? Questions of what hasn't been done and what we can create are what we're interested in. 

So what's next? What can be done with this new method? How can we use this to propel your business forward? This way of innovative thinking is what sets us apart. 


Team work and Family are at the center
An Atmosphere for change

Our philosophy

We seek to build our client up and grow as a team

Incredible Technology

Bringing the best Technology to the fight


Supporting your business as if it were our own

endless possibilities

We look to the horizon bringing you what's next.

Our Team

Building a better IT company takes better IT talent.


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