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Mobile Apps

Consumers today demand fast, cheap, anytime, anywhere access on multiple devices. That boils down to three simple but crucial must-haves for SMBs and partners:

  • A mobile-friendly website that loads quickly (3-5 seconds), looks good, is optimized & easy to navigate, doesn’t use Flash and offers easy-to-find basics users need: physical location, hours, products, etc.

  • Apps that do the same and more as a complementary or alternative mobile presence. Apps are especially important. They encourage repeat visits and spur brand loyalty. Plus, buyers are far more likely to return to a favorite business that’s always in their pocket. That, in turn, puts more business in your pocket.

  • A consistent brand look and feel across mobile phones, tablets, PCs and apps. Every platform doesn’t need the same functionality. But each must be instantly recognizable as a different view of the same business’s face.

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In 2018 a website is a must have for your business. It shows customers that you are legitimate and gives your branding an online home. We can take your brand to the next level with our web design. 

We offer Sites based on the three criteria below:

  • E-Commerce
  • Standard Site for Small Business
  • Custom Site for Any Business
Small and Medium Sized Businesses

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